All club members are expected to abide by the club rules at all times, whether they be in attendance at a range booking, or away from the club, as we are all ambassadors for the club. 

Over the past 16 years we have developed good relationships with the MOD, the Landmarc booking cells and range staff, therefore to ensure future range bookings it is vital that these relationships are maintained. 

It is also important to respect the privacy of our fellow members, as such photography is strictly controlled on MOD land, any member found to be publishing video or photographs on online services such as Facebook or YouTube, without the prior authorisation of the club officials, will have their membership terminated - without refund.

For a full list of club rules, regulations and policies please click on the links below, if you need clarity on any matter please contact the club Chairman.


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Every week we get dozens of requests to 'have a go of a 50', peoples birthdays, treats, retirement presents etc. Unfortunately its not as simple as it would be with most other firearms, as most (but not all) 50BMG rifles are designed to generate a muzzle energy in excess of 10,000ft/lbs.

Full members who want to have a go at shooting a 50BMG calibre rifle that generates over 10,000ft/lbs will need the details of the 50cal rifle they intend to use  -a friends rifle for example, entering on their personal certificate. So please speak to your local firearms licensing department to get your certificate amended. Visitors, guests, affiliated club members will need to join the FCSA first, and then request that the serial number is entered on their FAC.

Due to conditions applied by the Home Office to the club certificate, a rifle over 10,000 ft/lb cannot be made a club gun, therefore cannot be shared at club events (see below).  If you don't have a firearms certificate with the serial number of the rifle you intend to shoot then you cannot use that 50cal, or similar, rifle. However you are welcome to try a variety of slightly smaller calibres that are equally as accurate at extreme distance target shooting, assuming that they are available on the day. Ammunition costs are between £2.50 and £5 a round depending on calibre.

If a registered firearms dealer (RFD) wants to demonstrate a 50BMG calibre rifle to a prospective customer, then there is currently NO provision for this, unless they join the FCSA and get the rifle serial number entered onto their FAC.  The club will not permit any RFD to allow any other person to use the rifle, in addition, RFD activities are, in the main, prohibited at our range bookings as the bookings do not cover us for any commercial use - however this situation is being re-examined and we hope to obtain approval for certain, limited, dealer activities in the near future (2016).

UPDATE 2016:

Having obtained Home Office clarification on the 10,000ft/lb rule, we have commissioned a 50BMG club rifle that has NOT been designed to discharge a projectile that exceeds 10,000ft/lbs, in fact the rifle has been designed to generate around 9,500ft/lbs using factory ammunition, military surplus and home loads (within SAAMI specs). The Home Office has confirmed that this is within their rules, and within the terms of the club license, as such this rifle is available for members to use as of 2016.




As part of the clubs forward planning & being in compliance with current Firearms Legislation, it is necessary to ensure that Firearms Law, especially that associated with Firearms capable of exceeding 10,000ft/lbs Muzzle Energy, is complied with at all levels.

This means being vigilant where such firearms are in use, ensuring that firers using rifles that have been designed to generate an ME over 10,000ft/lbs do have legal possession.

Some members share the possession of a particular rifle, with that rifles serial number being present on their individual FAC’s. This is quite in order and can easily be facilitated by your firearms administration team. However, if a rifle serial number is NOT listed on an individuals FAC, they can’t legally fire that rifle at a club event*, even if they own a similar one or have acquisition for similar.

This situation must also apply to any commercial / RFD involvement. It is very important to police this situation correctly.

Should any person NOT comply, then they can be dismissed from the range & possibly have membership removed. In severe cases, notification of such infringement will be sent to the persons Firearms Department.  Any arguments concerning this situation or related matters are to be taken up with the Chairman, Chris.

This is with immediate effect.


* The Home Office approval for club activities/operations - is for 'rifles that are capable of generating a muzzle energy under 10,000ft/lbs'. This does NOT apply to non club events, such as shooting over private land.