Ranges in the U.K. where you can shoot your 50BMG rifle

No longer is this the exclusive sport of the very rich, and no longer must the UK shooter venture to the Swiss Alps or the USA to participate in this sport! There are a growing number of UK ranges that the FCSA UK have managed to gain access to that have been approved for 50BMG and usually even larger calibres up to 20mm.

Most of these ranges are either private facilities or multi purpose MOD ranges and as such are very basic, you would need to be a member of the FCSA before attending, these are not open to the general public.


ESKDALEMUIR - coming soon - maximum distance 2 miles - all calibres up to and including 20mm



WARCOP RANGES, C10 (50cal/12.7mm maximum), A1, A2- CUMBRIA - .300 HME maximum





LYDD RANGE (serial 45) - cleared for all calibres up-to and including 50BMG







900M gallery range, 338 maximum calibre