The following items in BOLD are for sale to club members only (Collection only), all other items available to any FAC holders, unless not restricted in which case no FAC required. 


50BMG RWS primers* Location: North London member Stock available: 1850 £30 per 50
50BMG Tracer bullets** Location: Club secretary (Warcop) Stock available: 30,000 £1.20 each
Peregrine .338 276gn monolithics Location: Hertfordshire Stock available: 200 £60 per hundred
Peregrine .338 270gn expanding Location: Hertfordshire Stock available: 200 £70 per hundred
705grn EP Monolithic bullets Location: Club secretary Stock available: 1000 £1.50 each
.338 SMK 300gn bullets Location: Club secretary Stock available: 1500 75p each
750gn AMAX bullets Location: Club secretary (Warcop) Stock available: 1000 £2.50 each
Loaded .50BMG tracer ammo  Location: Club secretary (Warcop) Stock available: 1000 £5.00 each


* Primers are currently limited to 50 per member (1 pack)

** These are long burn tracers, machine pulled and may show some slight marks from the removal process. They are clean and shoot very well, almost zero failure rate. Approximate tracer weight is 638gns.




Fortmeier M-2002 (as of 10/06/2024) Complete package as follows:-

Fortmeier M-2002 .50BMG (round count 300 owned from new) comes with additional sled feet. 

M3300 Peli Case.

RCBS Ammomaster .50 BMG Press

RCBS .50 BMG F/L sizing die

RCBS .50 BMG seating die

RCBS .50 BMG trim die

RCBS .50 BMG bullet puller with .50 collet

Lee     .50 BMG factory crimp dies 

L.E.Wilson .50 BMG case gauge

K&N (.220) primer pocket reamer

Forster trimmer with .50 pilot

43 loaded factory ball ammo

19 loaded tracer rounds

105 tracer bullets

100 A-Max bullets

550 .50 primers

80+ .50 BMG empty cases

Tier One High ring unimount 34mm 40MOA.

One unopened tub of Vhit 20N29

2x Ammo Boxes

Sold as a package, (will not split) all you’ll need is a scope and you’re good to go.

Dougie Tele/Whatsapp 07722018492

Can bring up to next shoot at Warcop for interested parties to view Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Barrett M99 50BMG for Sale  (as of 08/04/2024)

Barrett M99 in 50 BMG 32” Heavy Barrel – Purchased from Dauntsey Gun 2017 Peli Case
IOR4–28x50 MRAD FFP – Purchased2017
Barre& Custom Bore Guide as supplied by FCSA

Tier One 40mm One Piece Mount
Hornady 50 BMG Press & Reloading Dies and Case Holder Hornady Press Converters for normal size dies
Die Spanner (home made)
Reloading Block (Home Made 10 Round)
Wilson 50 BMG Case Length Guage
Part Full Tubs RS78, E50 & 50BMG Powder
39 x Long Range Tracer as Supplied BY FCSA
26 x 50BMG Tracer Heads
100 x 750 Grain Monolithic Heads
27 x Tracer Bullet Heads
2 x Case Guard 50 BMG 10 Round Plas[c Cartridge Cases
2 x Custom 35 Round 50 BMG Metal Cartridge Cases (home made) 2 x Powder Funnels
1 x Chamfer Tool
250 x Muron 50BMG Primers
200 x Ruag Primers
1 x 50 BMG Cleaning Rod, jag & Brushes (not pictured) 1 x 50 BMG Case Length Trimmer
100+ 50BMG Brass Cases

Price £5500.00 for Rifle, Reloading Equipment, Consumables and Scope

Contact: 07769 676170     

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ruger Precision .300 PRC Ultra long range rifle (For sale as of 21/09/2023)

Nearly New
This rifle was purchased to check out the capabilities of the .300 PRC cartridge. Having found it to be a brilliant cartridge, I am now having a rifle custom built. Hence the sale of this one. It has fired 100 factory rounds and 73 hand loads and been well looked after with no "Hot loads".
With factory rounds shot at 1000yds at Bisley on TR class target a score of 50 plus 6 V bulls with a wind of 8-10 mph was achieved. I have achieved a .437 MOA (centre to centre) grouping at 100 yds with hand loads.
Load Data is available should you wish it.
Complete with box, manual and accessory adapters and 2 x 5 round magazines £2150 


Ring Andy on 07867 920677 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Hensoldt (Zeiss Military) ZF 4-16x56 FF.

Mils clicks. (1cm@100m). Clockwise elevation (European spec).  34mm tube. 

This is the proper military Zeiss offering, made in Germany but under Airbus Optronics ownership. 

Complete with genuine Accuracy International one piece mount (28 degree cant). 

Sniper Hider sunshade/lens cap (£200 on OPW)  Spirit level (unknown origin). 

Scope is barely used and in superb condition. 

Glass is even better than schmidt & Bender. 

Hensoldt’s are ultra rare these days and rarely come up for sale. Those who know their Hensoldt’s will confirm this. 

They really are superior to the Schmidt’s, much as I hate to say.  

£2,500 secures deal for scope and all accessories (this is how it came when originally purchased). 

£2,350 without accessories.  (Retail would be €3,500 if you could find one)

Contact Robin on 07973 622313.





Primetake Omega .338 Sniper Ammunition (listed 23/01/2024)

I have 1100 rounds of Primetake Omega Sniper .338 LM  factory ammunition, loaded with the 300g Sierra HPBT bullet (#9300) to a length of 3.630”. They were loaded to be used in the AWSM.

I have shot these over a chronograph and obtained the following information for 5 rounds out of my AWSM with a 27”barrel. 

816.4m/s, 816.7m/s, 813.6m/s, 807.3m/s, 820.1m/s. Note chrono was 2M from muzzle, tested on a sunny day with 24C temperature.

Average velocity is 814.82m/s

(Factory stated velocity is 808m/s)

SD of 4.79 

They are packaged loose in 100 quantities 


Can be delivered on M6/M42/M40 or A66/A1M/M11, or M6/M1 corridors (when I’m travelling to Bisley which is normally once a month) or collected from North West Cumbrian or Bisley. You must have .338 on your FAC. 


Telephone 07768761308 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




.50cal McMillan - ONLY  £2000  SOLD


50 BMG Mc Millan rifle, 29". It’s a single shot bolt action with a Leupold Mk. 4 16X scope. Available with carry case and a full set of loading dies.

The rifle was purchased brand new by our member Peter in 1998,  maximum rounds fired would not exceed 800.  

Please contact Peter for further info.